The fishery Congress in Primorsky Region will establish new growth area of Russian fishery industry

15 August 2018

The XIII International Fishery Congress (IFC) will take place from 4th till 5th of October in Vladivostok. It will be dedicated to discussing opportunities and challenges that fishery industry will face in the following 10-15 years. The main topic of the Congress is “Fishing Industry – new stage of development“.

Administration of Primorsky Region is the traditional organizer of the Congress. The Federal Agency for Fishery, biggest fishing-industry associations and Russian business entities: All-Russia Association of Fishing Industry, Businessmen and Exporters, Association of Primorye Fish Industry Companies, Crab Catchers Association of the Far East, Pollock Catchers Association, and Far Eastern Union of Mariculture Enterprises are co-organizers of the Congress.

Participants of the congress from the Russian side are: the heads and owners of fishing and fish-processing companies, which work in all Russian fishery basins, and representatives of federal and regional authorities, which are the industry regulators.

Participation of delegates from the Asia-Pacific region, European Union, other world fishery centers and related sectors confirms international status of the congress. As noted by the director of the Primorsky Region Administration Fishery Department Sergey Nastavshev, Russian fishery business is one of the key players in international market and that is why changes in Russian fishery that has taken place in the enriched 2018 attract absolute interest from fishing companies in Asia-Pacific, European Union and other world fishery centers.

As a part of the program there are discussions directed towards assessment of novation in fishery industry in the country, development of new export strategy of fishing sector, and mariculture development, as one of the most promising business area. Co-organizers of the XIII IFC are going to pay significant attention to discussing issues of building fishery fleet on the Russian dockyard, developing coast infrastructure of the industry and mechanisms of state support the industry, and cooperation of fishermen with shipbuilders and designing engineers. According to the words of one of the congress organizers, namely the president of the Crab Catchers Association of the Far East Aleksandr Duplyakov, there is an increasing number of the IFC’s participants from the other economy sectors, and it contributes to the forum development as a full B2B platform.

Part of the program is series of meetings between business representatives and state authorities for discussing the most important questions of regulating the industry, exhibition of products produced by fishery companies, shipbuilders and equipment suppliers. At present time there is a consideration for conducting a session of a Social Council held with the Federal Agency for Fishery.

Note: The International Fishery Congress is a recognized platform for communication. The participants are from the Russian fishery business, state authorities, which are the industry regulators and representatives of foreign states, which play significant role in fishery industry. Each year there are more than 300 of participants. The main conditions of final resolutions are taken into account in developing state procedures and policies in the fishery field, aquatic bioresources protection, shipbuilding, navigation, and developing coast infrastructure.

Operator of the XIII International Fishery Congress is Co Ltd. “Center of Reputation Technologies”.

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Telephone for the general issues: +7 902 480 80 08

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