Press conference on the incoming IX International Fisheries Congress took place in Vladivostok

11 August 2014

The main subject of the IX International Fisheries Congress which is held on September 4-5, 2014 in Primorye, will be the role of the trade unions and public entities in fishing industry management, informs Alexander Perednya, the director of Fisheries and Water Biological Resources Department, Primorsky Krai.

“It took us some time to choose the topic for the international congress. Analyzing the current situation, we decided to highlight the role and importance of the public entities in the industry management. The Russian fishermen and their foreign colleagues already have it and so can share the experience”, – Alexander Perednya said.
In the frame of the Congress it is planned to discuss industry staff recruiting and professional standards, as well as the topics of fish deep processing.

Talking on importance of the International Fisheries Congress , Alexander Perednya noted that the fishery industry has always been the instrument for the big politics.

The traditional participants and customers of the Congress will be the representatives of the fisheries industry and business, as well as of the science and administration reps from the various parts of the Russian Federation, China People’s Republic, Republic of Korea, USA, Japan, Norway, Germany and so on. The Republic of Korea will be represented by vice-minister for the fishing industry , the Russian Federation is presented by the chief officers and top managers of RosRybolovstvo.

Press conference was attended by George Martynov, the president of Primorye Fisheries Association, and by George Klimov, the coordinator of Wordsmiths 2014 contest. For the first time in the frame of the International Congress it will be held the contest for the mass media.