International Fishery forum will be a rehearsal of the State Council

23 June 2015

Fishermen will discuss features of the regulation of the fishery sector and the state

Two significant events related to the fishing industry will be held at the late summer and early autumn 2015 in the Far East. On the 27th and 28th of August Vladivostok will host the X International Fishery Congress, and at the first half of September at Sakhalin there will be the State Council concerning the development of the fishery sector. Industry community has already said that both of those events are closely connected to each other.

– According to the opinion of the chairman of the Association of Primorye Fishing Industry Companies George Martynov, Fishery Congress may be seen as a preparation for the State Council, as the theme of the plenary session of the Congress – “State regulation of water biological resources exploitation: experience, problems, ways to improve” is directly related to the main point of the State Council agenda – increasing terms of the fixed quotas for the exploitation of the aquatic biological resources up to 25 years.

– In 2000, the professional community couldn’t come to a consensus about the quotas distribution. As a result, we’ve got the auction system, which has negatively affected the fishery sector – said the director of the Department of Fishery and Aquatic Biological Resources of Primorsky Krai Alexander Perednya. – I believe that the historical principle, which was enacted in 2008, has proved its efficiency. Upon this principle the industry can continue to develop, and, therefore, it should be preserved. There is no need to expose it to any radical changes. We managed to create a mechanism that really works and works efficiently. And it is always easier to destroy than to create a new one.

Participants of the anniversary Fishery Congress will have to elaborate a consolidated opinion on the question of preservation and modernization of so-called ‘historical principle’ in the distribution of quotas for water biological resources exploitation, which will be the main issue of the State Council.

– Water biological resources are the national property, so the state and society are interested in the independent and professional analysis of the exploitation of this resource, – says the president of the Pollock Catchers’ Association German Zverev. – Discussion about the development of the fishing industry shouldn’t be closed to the public peer -review mode, but also public expert judgment must undergo a kind of qualification. Otherwise, there is a high risk of controversy, conventionally speaking, between the “blunt lobbyism” and “crazy citizens.” Basic theme of the International Fishery Congress allows to fulfil a “culling” of obviously ridiculous or obviously nonconstructive approaches. That’s why it’s very valuable.

We remind that the organizers of the Fishery Congress are the Federal Agency for Fishery, Primorsky Krai Administration, Pollock Catchers’ Association, and Association of Primorye Fishing Industry Companies.